About Identity Management

There’s no “one size fits all” solution to address identity-management strategies and solutions must encompass your organization’s business processes and applications, and address an increasing number of public Internet, mobile and private-network channels. In the age of customer empowerment, they must also take into account customer expectations and preferences.

Despite the inherent complexities, sound identity management practices are critical. Identity fraud is affecting more than 12.7 million consumers with a new identity fraud victim reported every two seconds. And, identity fraud isn’t limited to a single industry or population segment. Organizations across a wide variety of sectors are grappling with how to best protect themselves against the monetary and reputational damage associated with fraud, while still enabling business to occur at today’s “everything in an instant” pace.

While identity management helps reduce risk, it is as much about opportunity as it is about security. How organizations verify customer identities and transactions is just as important as why. Organizations that employ best-in-class practices and that tailor solutions to their customer base can edge out competition through improved service delivery and greater customer confidence.

This site was created to help organizations like yours navigate the intricacies of the rapidly evolving identity management space, offering tips, best practices and relevant industry news that can help you make identity management a business enabler and a competitive advantage.

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* SOURCE: 2015 Javelin Identity Fraud Study