DMVs Can Help Prevent Fraud and Improve Public Safety

Read the full white paper Learn how DMVs can help prevent fraud and improve officer safety by implementing proven identity proofing practices.  This white paper discusses how criminals are obtaining fraudulent driver’s licenses despite the DMV’s best efforts to mitigate fraud, and what more can be done to prevent driver’s license fraud.
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The driver’s license, once viewed simply as a document granting authority to drive, has become the de facto document for both commercial and government entities to validate identity and residency. Citizens present their driver’s license validate their identity when they interact with law enforcement officers, open bank accounts, rent apartments or apply for state benefits. Obtaining a fraudulent driver’s license or state ID, is like a “Golden Ticket” for criminals and fraudsters to pass through law enforcement and public programs undetected with a false identity.

Learn how your agency can:

  • Prevent driver’s license fraud and directly improve officer safety
  • Verify identity when presented with easily falsified documents
  • Resolve multiple applications with modified data to a single unique identifier

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