Identity Matters

Identity issues are a rapidly growing problem for government agencies.
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identity challenges facing the government today.

Statistics imply that everyone will have their identity compromised within their lifetime. Agencies need to protect taxpayers, communities and themselves against these identity schemes.

With today’s challenging economic climate, federal, state and local government agencies are facing heightened pressure to reduce costs and improve effectiveness with fewer resources available to manage their government programs. With the accelerating use of online interactions, government agencies are facing ever-increasing identity-related fraud. Government is the new target for thieves using stolen or fabricated identities to commit fraud.

Despite the ongoing budget cuts, government agencies are expected to increase efficiency while fulfilling their missions and meeting the needs of their communities. While online and e-government applications have made significant progress, these anonymous interactions create an increasing risk of identity-driven fraud, waste and abuse. As a result, it is critical for agencies to improve program integrity, reduce fraud, speed up and give assurance to investigations, maximize revenue discovery and recovery efforts, while still increasing efficiencies and enhancing overall productivity.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, and a wide variety of flavors. Often, whenever an agency plugs one hole, another leak springs just out of reach. That’s because individual criminals and organized crime groups are clever, resourceful and always looking for the next scam. That puts enormous pressure on government agencies seeking to reduce their losses due to identity schemes, and trying to stop the flow of resources to the bad guys.

LexisNexis® has collected some of the more common scenarios for how fraudsters are draining resources away from agencies. The one thing they all have in common is that identity is at the core–either they are using someone else’s or they are manipulating their own. And often it’s both. Once you get a clear picture for how they use identities to collect benefits to which they are not entitled, or avoid debts that they owe, you will be better able to find a solution that meets your agency’s specific needs.