FCW Webinar: Identity Theft – What Agencies Need to Know – Sponsored by LexisNexis®

Listen to the one hour recorded webinar with speakers from the Identity Theft Resource Center, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and LexisNexis to learn how government agencies can best protect their consumers/individuals and programs against nefarious identity thieves.

FCW: Identity Theft Webinar Recording

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Every year, identity theft causes untold anguish and millions of dollars lost to stolen goods and services. Identity theft as related to government agencies takes on a greater urgency considering the data to which government employees have access. And the problem is not going away or mitigating. The (FTC) has ranked identity theft as the number one complaint for 15 years in a row. And identity theft related fraud occurring against government agencies is now the leading complaint, overtaking credit card fraud.  In this special webinar program, the subject matter experts will offer their perspectives on the current identity theft related fraud "threatscape."