Taking Charge: Stamping Out Government Fraud

LexisNexis IdentityGov is dedicated to educating government about identity issues and providing them the solutions to help resolve them.

One of those big issues facing the government is around identity fraud. Below you will find white papers, blogs and articles focused on key identity topics.

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    IdentityGov Blog

    Our identity experts share insights on why identity matters on the IdentityGov Blog.

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    Identity Fraud of the Day

    This page is dedicated to providing news articles about how identity fraud is occurring against government programs.  Read Fraud of the Day to learn what is occurring nationwide and to get insights from industry experts on new ways to prevent fraud within your agency.

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    White Papers

    There are many identity challenges facing the government the today.  Here you will find white papers focused on key identity topics.

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    View the latest webinars to learn about industry trends, best practices and technologies to help you solve your identity challenges.

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    Upcoming Events

    Here is a list of some industry events that help the government address their identity challenges.  We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events.

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