Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 2016


Minnesota Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Expo
April 18 – 19
St. Cloud, MN

Social Media Internet and Law Enforcement Spring Conference
April 25 – 28
Alexandria, VA

Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) Conference
April 25 – 29
New Orleans, LA

Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police Conference
May 2
Columbus, OH

Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) e-file Symposium
May 2 – 6
Kansas City, MO

Washington Homicide Investigators Association Conference
May 3 – 6
Suquamish, WA

USDA Cyber Security Symposium and Expo
May 24 – 25
Washington, DC

Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) Annual Conference
June 12-15
Annapolis, MD

ACFE International Fraud Conference
June 12 – 17
Las Vegas, NV

AHIP Medicare Medicaid Conference
June 15 – 17
Las Vegas, NV

Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) Annual Conference
July 18 – 22
Reston, VA

AFCEA Homeland Security Conference
June 21 – 26
Washington, DC

Unemployment and Workers Compensation (UWC) National Unemployment Insurance Issues Conference
June 22 – 24
Kansas City, MO

Southern Association of Tax Administrators (SEATA) Conference
June 26 – 29
Asheville, NC

Southern Police Institute Training Conference
July 5 – 8
Miramar Beach, FL

National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officers (NAHRO) Summer Conference
July 15 – 17
Portland, OR

National Association of College and Universities Business Officers (NACUBO) Annual Conference
July 16 – 19
Montreal, Canada

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) Conference
July 16 – 21
Washington, DC

National Association of Counties (NACO) Annual Conference
July 22 – 25
Long Beach, CA

Sheriffs Association of Texas Conference
July 23 – 26
Grapevine, TX

Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Conference|
July 27 – 30
Baltimore, MD

National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives Annual Conference
July 30
Indianapolis, IN

International Homicide Investigators Association (IHIA) Conference
July 31
New Orleans, LA

Convergence 2016 Medicare/Medicaid Conference
Aug.  4
Baltimore, MD

Federation of Tax Administrators Technology Conference
Aug. 7-10
Pittsburgh, PA

Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MESC) Conference
Aug.  15 – 18
St. Louis, MO

Midwestern States Association of Tax Administrators (MSATA) Conference
Aug. 21 – 24
Des Moines, Iowa

Navy NDIA Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event
Aug.  23 – 24
San Diego, CA 

International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Annual Conference
August 28 – 31
Tampa, Florida

National Association for Medicaid Program Integrity (NAMPI) Conference
Aug. 28-31
Baltimore, MD

International Association of Federal Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) Conference
Aug. 29 – Sept 2
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

National Association of State Treasurers Annual Conference
Sept. 10 – 14
Seattle, WA

Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police Conference

Military Police Conference
Sept. 14 – 16
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 

IT Solutions Management (ISM) for Human Services Annual Conference
Sept. 18 – 21
Phoenix, AZ

DOD Biometrics Consortium
Sept. 19 – 21
Tampa, FL

Advancing Government Accountability (AGA) Internal Control & Fraud Prevention Training Conference
Sept. 20 – 21
Washington, DC

International Association of Crime Analysts Annual Conference
Sept. 20 – 23
Louisville, KY

California Revenue Officers Association Conference
Sept. 20 – 23
Orange, CA

National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) Annual Conference
Sept. 27 – 29
Oklahoma City, OK

National Unemployment Insurance Directors (NUID) Conference
Oct. 3 – 6
New Orleans, LA

National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO)
Oct. 13 – 14
Alexandria, VA

International Association of Chiefs Police (IACP) Annual Conference
Oct. 15 – 19
San Diego, CA

Educause Conference
Oct. 25 – 28
Anaheim, CA 

Technology Expo Fort Meade
Nov. 3
Ft. Meade, MD

National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association Conference
Nov. 17 – 20
San Diego, CA




















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