Shed light on identities to uncover connections, reduce costs and make timely decisions with confidence.


Collections Solutions

Start collecting debt that is owed to your agency more efficiently
and effectively.

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Data & Analytics Solutions

Address modern identity-based problems by leveraging advanced data and analytics.

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Health Care Solutions

Leverage identity management, fraud prevention and data analytics to make insightful decisions.

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Identity Management Solutions

How does your agency verify and authenticate the identities of individuals that interact with
your agency?

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Program Integrity Solutions

Stop improper payments with a holistic, identity-driven approach to program integrity and
fraud investigation.

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Tax Fraud Discovery Solutions

Reduce tax fraud, uncover new revenue sources and increase
public confidence with
identity analytics.

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LexisNexis® Government Solutions Overview

Government agencies are challenged every day with identity problems and threats that involve sophisticated digital crime. Whether your agency is tasked with protecting communities, increasing program integrity or maximizing government revenue, LexisNexis® is uniquely positioned to help you securely combine your in-house data with our unmatched identity repository and our patented
identity analytics.

LexisNexis solutions integrate easily into your agency’s workflow to help maximize the return on investment. We combine best practices that have been proven over three decades of serving government, including information management, technology optimization and
policy management.

  • Make more accurate, timely and informed decisions by connecting seemingly unrelated pieces of data to create a multi-faceted view of a subject with LexisNexis® Government solutions.

  • “We are extremely pleased with the savings we’ve already realized in the short time our program has been implemented.”

    – Andrew McClenahan, Director, Florida Department of Children and Families Office of Public Benefits

  • With improper payment rates potentially on the rise, it is important to put fraud detection and prevention methods in place to protect unemployment insurance funds to try and ensure people in need receive the benefits they need.

Transform the Way You Do Business

The likelihood that – at some point in our lives – each of us will fall victim to identity theft is alarming. Given the scope of data breaches in the past five years, it is likely that the identity of every U.S. citizen has already
been compromised.

No sector of government is immune to identity-driven fraud schemes. Due to the complexity of identity information and the speed at which identities change, government cannot possibly know all there is to know about a person’s identity, which gives identity criminals the advantage. The ability to rapidly verify critical information and make decisions quickly and confidently enhances your agency’s mission.

Reduce Identity Risk

The LexisNexis comprehensive methodology of managing identities and assessing risk involves fusing your agency data with the most robust public records database available using advanced identity analytics.

Traditional Approaches to Managing Identity Risk

Traditional approaches to managing risk use identity matching alone. Unfortunately, with identity fraud reaching pandemic proportions, relying on this approach is ineffective. Often, self-reported data is matched against other self-reported data, resulting in either a lack of a match or a false match, thus validating a false identity.

Public Records Driven Identity Analytics Approach to Managing
Identity Risk

By leveraging patented advanced linking technology, LexisNexis is able to analyze the information in your existing systems and cross-correlate it with over 10,000 sources of identity information. Our database of over 37 billion public records can determine whether the records are linked, and which elements are missing, incorrect or fraudulently fabricated.

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