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Identities evolve every day. Address modern identity-based problems by leveraging advanced data and analytics.

New Models and the Value of Identity Data & Analytics

Traditional approaches are not adequate to face the ever evolving and complex identity-based schemes of committing identity fraud. LexisNexis® is uniquely positioned to help agencies identify, aggregate and analyze the identity information to drive action using analytics and comprehensive data sources.

Public records have been part of an investigator’s tool kit for some time. As technology and computers advanced, the aggregation and dissemination of these public record data sources became more readily available and were leveraged on a more common and frequent basis.

Using analytics-driven public records to enhance collections and combat fraud, waste and abuse, takes a proactive approach to uncovering derogatory attributes linked to individuals interacting across programs. By linking existing agency information with thousands of data sources, LexisNexis solutions assist government agencies in verifying individuals are who they claim to be, ultimately protecting communities, reducing fraud and discovering and
recovering revenue.

Despite all the digital devices that dominate our lives, the truth is that the information age is still in its infancy. We are just beginning to tap into the vast possibilities of on-demand data exchange and analysis. And every day brings a new flood of raw data and fresh challenges we couldn’t have imagined the day before.

  • 7% of all persons 16 or older in the US experienced at least one incident of identity fraud in 2012.

The LexisNexis® LexID® or Unique Identifier for Identities

Agencies that manage high volumes of data are continually faced with the challenges associated with the maintenance of large databases of customer information or big data issues. This is compounded by the ongoing need to update and verify identity information that evolves every day.

Many government agencies rely on self-reported data and the utilization of an individual’s Social Security number (SSN) collected at the time application for tracking and updating identity information. Utilization of the SSN opens up the agency to vulnerability with regard to both employee and third-party misuse.

The LexisNexis® LexID® technology offers a safe and viable replacement for these traditional means of identification. LexID number is a unique, non-SSN, non-FEIN-dependent identifier that is utilized to bring together information from disparate databases and create an up-to-date record for an individual or a business.

Address Modern Challenges with an Identity Hub or Contributory Database

Reduce identity fraud by identifying individuals who are participating in the same program multiple times within and across state lines with an Identity Hub or Contributory Solution provided by LexisNexis. These systems focus on one type of program such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or they can expand coverage across multiple government programs such as Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). These identity systems have shown huge success by detecting thousands of duplicate beneficiaries across state boundaries and preventing millions in
improper payments.

Improve Data Quality and Enrichment

Incorrect identity data can derail even the strongest government strategies or processes. Up-to-date identity information from LexisNexis can help agencies improve data integrity, protect revenue and mitigate risks and data challenges.

Solve the Returned Mail Problem

Tons of agencies leverage LexisNexis to also help reduce administrative costs tied to returned mail. LexisNexis analysis has shown that 16% of individuals change their addresses annually. For example, a Boston Consulting Group study found that on average contact information is incorrect for 40-50% of Medicaid beneficiaries. One state-level Department of Revenue agency saved tens of millions of dollars utilizing the LexisNexis® Return Mail or Data Hygiene solution, which compares specific fields of identity data and returns the best match to
your agency.

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