Identity Management

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover. It's the Pages Hidden Inside that Tell the Story of an Identity.

Do you know who are you dealing with?

With large volumes of stolen personal identity information available online, it is critical that the information coming into agency systems is verified and authenticated against a trusted third-party source before benefits or claims are issued. At the same time, citizens want fast and convenient methods to access services or enroll for benefits, such as Food Stamps, Medicaid or Unemployment Insurance benefits.

But how can an agency be sure the citizen providing the information is indeed who they claim to be, and that the person entered the information correctly? How can the officer on patrol know the subject that “forgot their ID” is not actually a dangerous criminal or have warrants for their arrest? Or that they obtained a fake driver’s license by presenting false identity documentation to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? Whether in person or online, basic identity information can easily be falsified. With LexisNexis® Identity Management Solutions agencies can quickly validate and authenticate identities with confidence, stopping false identities from entering your system, reducing fraud, saving your agency money and improving public safety.

The move to the digital world has made life more convenient in many ways. In order for government agencies to provide online services, they rely on the validity of the information being provided by the citizen. By employing innovative identity management technology provided by LexisNexis these identity challenges can be overcome.

The LexisNexis approach to identity proofing quickly and efficiently answers two
important questions:

  1. Is the identity presented real? (Does this person exist?)
  2. Does the identity belong to the citizen? (Are you who you say you are?)

With the right identity proofing strategy agencies can provide citizens with convenient methods to access government services while:

  • Quickly confirming the identity information presented is not fraudulent;
  • Reducing tax dollars spent on finding fraudsters after they’ve entered the system;
  • Improving public safety by providing officers a means of confirming identities while
    in the field.
  • LexisNexis has been able to match 99 % of all customer identities through its identity management solutions for the Florida Department of Children and Families program.

  • The volume of our identity attributes and breadth and depth of our question library allow our identity verification and authentication solutions to address broader demographics, including young adults and individuals with thinner credit files.

  • LexisNexis has over 15.4 billion consumer records and 8.4 billion unique name and address combinations from thousands of
    independent sources.

Identity Verification and Identity Authentication Steps

The first step, Identity Verification, is determining that the identity exists. The next step is to authenticate the individual is in fact the owner of the identity. By leveraging knowledge-based, multi-factor authentication systems that are customizable to your agency’s specific rules, agencies can quickly validate and authenticate identities.

The LexisNexis Identity Management solutions leverage the power of public records, patented linking technology and are backed by decades of identity management experience across multiple industries. With access to more than 10,000 data sources and over 37 billion public records, we have used our proven linking technology to uniquely identify:

  • Over 300 million individuals
  • Over 150 million business locations
  • Over 4 billion associations between individuals

The unparalleled records database, patented linking technology and dynamic decisioning engine that gives you the control over the authentication process is what makes the LexisNexis solution unique.

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