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Enroll in the AcademyLexisNexis University Public Safety Academy is a free online training and certification program for law enforcement professionals and students that provides hands-on technical training, with a focus on implementing LexisNexis software into daily public safety operations.

The student-led, on-demand online courses can be taken anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet access. Public safety training certifications are available in the industry leading LexisNexis investigative and analytical tools used in over 3000 law enforcement agencies nationwide:

Accurint for Law Enforcement and Accurint for LE Plus
Accurint® for Law Enforcement is a cutting-edge investigative technology that can expedite the identification of people and their assets, addresses, relatives and business associates by providing instant access to a comprehensive database of public records that would ordinarily take days to collect.

Become more proficient in your use of Accurint by completing and passing the three successive certification levels. Additionally, our public safety training program on account administration provides tips and recommendations to streamline your administrative oversight and ensure safe and responsible use.

Accurint Crime Analysis
Accurint® Crime Analysis is a secure online dashboard that enables crime data sharing, pattern analysis, crime mapping, predictive analytics and reporting for law enforcement.

Developed by current and former crime analysts, our public safety training program’s three certification levels will give you a solid foundation, advanced tips and tricks, and deep knowledge about the capabilities of Accurint Crime Analysis.

Accurint Crime Analysis Workstation
Accurint® Crime Analysis Workstation is a desktop application that provides advanced crime pattern, series and trend analysis, predictive analytics, crime mapping and advanced reporting for crime and intelligence analysis.

Through our public safety training program’s three certification levels, you will develop a solid foundation, learn advanced tips and tricks, and acquire a deep knowledge about the capabilities of Accurint Crime Analysis Workstation.

Learn from our Public Safety Academy experts why training on analytics is critical for the future of your agency career!

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