October 6, 2020

In the latest edition of our Facing Change series, Financial Crime Compliance expert, Michael Harris talks to Justine Walker, Head of Global Sanctions and Risk at ACAMS. In a wide-ranging and insightful discussion, Justine talks about the ever-shifting complexities and geo-political influences of the sanctions landscapes as well as some of the forthcoming events likely to further shift the goalposts and what organisations should consider to protect themselves.

Justine discusses:

  1. The almost impossible task of managing sanctions against a complex and constantly evolving backdrop, and how increasingly firms outside of the traditional financial services sphere need to be aware of their sanctions responsibilities and “3rd country risk.”
  2. The increasing emphasis on human rights abuse – Magnitsky style – sanctions – and the increasing willingness of governments to apply them to major super powers
  3. The policy divergence between US, Europe and now the UK, and the implications for firms at risk of being caught out by the increased use of sanctions and secondary sanctions as political tools.
  4. The widening focus of sanctioning authorities on non-financial service organisations, such as commerce, maritime, energy and the tech sector.
  5. The potential implication of key political events – such as the forthcoming US elections and Brexit – on the global sanctions landscape and what organisations need to consider as these events unfold.
  6. What sanctions compliance teams need to think about over the next 12-24 months and why risk-based decisions and integrity are going to become increasingly important as geo-political events evolve.

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