October 29, 2020

In the latest edition of our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Facing Change series, we’re joined by Charlotte Thorne, Founding Partner at Capital Generation Partners, an independently-owned boutique wealth management firm with a unique approach, being built around exceptional investment thinking and customer service, rather than product sales.

Charlotte talks about:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the sector and whether financial services got off lightly in terms of business disruption, compared to others?
  • CapGen’s unique approach that led to it winning a coveted industry PAM award for high-quality customer service. Charlotte explains how CapGen’s approach makes them stand out.
  • To what extent the pandemic has impacted customer service delivery for wealth management clients and whether client expectations have changed?
  • Whether the ongoing disruptions of COVID-19 are dragging the sector further towards digitalisation, and is it a good thing for the industry?
  • Is the current global crisis the biggest test yet for the wealth management sector and financial markets as a whole?
  • The challenge of ever-tightening regulation and global sanctions on the wealth management sector and the effects on individual businesses – is more and more resource being ploughed into due diligence?
  • Is due diligence just a compliance cost, or does getting this right represent more of a competitive advantage?

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