data sharing
Breaking the Seal on Data Sharing in Healthcare
Written by: Jay Sultan, VP, Healthcare Strategy

Against the backdrop of a global health crisis, news that the U.S. federal government published its Final Rule on Interoperability likely went unnoticed to many delivery system leaders outside of healthcare IT. However, the federal mandate marks a very important milestone in U.S. patient health: mandating secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information.

Post-acute care team
Build Your Dream Team: Understanding the Changing...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

In today’s world, all providers are trying to do more with less, so it’s critical to gain a clear understanding of post-acute care market trends.

data breaches
An Inside Job: Cybersecurity Threats from...
Written by: Joe Finazzo, Director of Sales, Provider Markets

The fact that healthcare cybersecurity breaches are on the rise is not new news and the threat within can be just as malicious as outside hackers.

Physician Referral Patterns
It’s a Small World After All: Physician...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

Come on, sing it with me. Remember the Disney ride, It’s a Small World? Aside from the catchy tune and robotic dolls, the ride shows that we are really all connected. We are linked, no matter where we live or …

Does Blockchain Solve Provider Data Quality for...
Written by: Guest Writer

Blockchain was the buzz at last year’s HIMSS, and it appears its potential was overhyped at the time. This year, there was a full pre-conference day for blockchain at HIMSS19, and multiple vendors addressed the topic in their presentations. The …

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