flu season infographic
Flu Season – How Data & Analytics Can Help...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

Each year, annual flu epidemics occur in the U.S. and around the world. Although the timing, intensity and length varies from one season to another, flu represents a significant public health problem that affects millions of Americans and is associated with hospitalizations and deaths in people of all ages.

The 2019 Wrap Up: Mandate, Mandate, Mandate with...
Written by: Joe Finazzo, Director of Sales, Provider Markets

2019 was the year of government mandates — interoperability, drug pricing, price transparency, data privacy. With large multinational tech companies not formerly in the healthcare space coming to play in the market, agencies like the Office of the National Coordinator …

Post-acute care team
Build Your Dream Team: Understanding the Changing...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

In today’s world, all providers are trying to do more with less, so it’s critical to gain a clear understanding of post-acute care market trends.

pharmacy industry 2020
Top Five Issues That Will Impact the Pharmacy...
Written by: Craig Ford, SVP Sales, Pharmacy Market

There are efforts underway to refine the use and exchange of health data so pharmacy companies can glean actionable insights. Technology and data will be a key part of success in the market, and pharmacy companies must choose their vendor partners wisely.

Health IT
What We Bring to the Table: Women in Health IT
Written by: Jill Luber, VIce President of Technology & Chief Technology Officer

I recently joined a women’s leadership panel and was asked who my role model is. I didn’t mean to sound cliché, but I said my mom because it’s true. My mom always worked when I was growing up, and she …

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