telehealth technology
Pandemic Response: Trending Insights Amid...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

As COVID-19 and social distancing concerns continue to impact healthcare delivery across the country, telehealth technology has emerged as the number one way to deliver care. Through remote patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment via telecommunication systems, providers deliver vital clinical services to patients – reducing care gaps and preventing exposure to the virus.

secure healthcare
Cybersecurity Now: Protection during the Pandemic
Written by: Erin Benson, Senior Director, Market Planning

The levels of technological sophistication run the gamut in the healthcare industry, and in a pre-COVID-19 world, providers set their own pace. Today, we’re seeing a massive acceleration in technology adoption that’s brought about a significant change in the way healthcare is delivered. As caregivers on the front lines race to provide clinical care, health IT professionals rush behind the scenes to provide the digital tools necessary for secure healthcare provision in a changed environment.

patient care direction
2020 Outlook: Focus on Patient Care Sets Industry...
Written by: Josh Schoeller, Senior Vice President and General Manager

In just a few short weeks, millions of Americans will watch the Times Square ball drop – signaling the end of a decade and the arrival of 2020. In addition to sharing the holiday cheer, we, healthcare technology professions and enthusiasts, always reflect about what lies ahead.

Health IT
What We Bring to the Table: Women in Health IT
Written by: Jill Luber, VIce President of Technology & Chief Technology Officer

I recently joined a women’s leadership panel and was asked who my role model is. I didn’t mean to sound cliché, but I said my mom because it’s true. My mom always worked when I was growing up, and she …

National Patient Identifier
The Case for a National Patient Identifier: 20...
Written by: Josh Schoeller, Senior Vice President and General Manager

The intention of a national patient identifier started out as a benevolent one: under the guise of HIPAA legislation in 1996, give each patient a unique, permanently assigned number to be used across the entire national healthcare system. Obviously, it’s …

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