medication non-adherence
Medication Adherence: Understanding the Key...
Written by: Anton Berisha, MD, Senior Director, Clinical Analytics & Innovation

There is plenty of supporting published evidence showing that medication non-adherence has severe consequences for the patient’s health and results in billions of dollars in excess healthcare costs annually.

Patient Data for Better Outcomes
Winning Consumerism and Quality Scores Starts...
Written by: Rich Morino, Director, Health Care Solutions

The problem with data quality goes beyond data entry errors. Patient data erodes at an estimated rate of 3% per month. It’s in a continual state of flux as individuals change jobs, phones, addresses and even their names (marriages and divorces). And you have to reach them, before they will come.

social determinants
Dispelling Myths on Social Determinants
Written by: Emily Mortimer, Director, Market Planning

What Comes First – Patient Motivation or Care Management? We’ve all heard the expression “which came first—the chicken or the egg?” In healthcare, the question is “which improves health outcomes first – motivated patients who then participate in care management …

pharmacy industry 2020
Top Five Issues That Will Impact the Pharmacy...
Written by: Craig Ford, Vice President of Sales, Pharmacy Market

There are efforts underway to refine the use and exchange of health data so pharmacy companies can glean actionable insights. Technology and data will be a key part of success in the market, and pharmacy companies must choose their vendor partners wisely.

social determinants of health
The Three Challenges with Social Determinants of...
Written by: Guest Writer

Healthcare executives continue to focus on the “Triple Aim” of healthcare: improving patient care experience (including quality and satisfaction); health outcomes and value (results compared to costs).  Every initiative must impact these criteria. For a long time, everyone knew that …

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