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Anja Maciagiewicz

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Anja Maciagiewicz

Manager, Healthcare Strategy, MarketView

Anja has been a part of the LexisNexis Risk Solutions and MarketView team for over a decade. Currently, she works as a healthcare strategy manager, where she helps expand and improve the MarketView product line. Anja began her career in the organization as a business analyst, quickly working her way up to leading the life sciences delivery implementation team. The experience on the implementation team led her to become knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and durable medical equipment verticals. Anja then spent two years as a vertical solution consultant (VSC) for LexisNexis Risk Solution’s MarketView product line, allowing her to continue to be a subject matter expert in the organization’s medical claims-based products. As a VSC, Anja grew to working in the specialty pharmacy and provider/health system verticals as well. In this role, she worked with clients to design and architect customer solutions using MarketView products to answer a variety of business needs and questions.

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