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Cheria Poole

Cheria poole

Cheria Poole

Director for Healthcare Identity Solution Strategy

With almost two decades of experience consulting for SaaS companies, Cheria Poole is very familiar with customer technical needs and how to improve their front-facing interfaces. During the past ten years, Cheria has focused on identifying customer use cases and solution architecting for a myriad of industry partners navigating their way through professional services. As the Director for Healthcare Identity Solution Strategy, Cheria leads efforts to solidify the fraud and identity. Her hands-on customer experience provides critical insight into healthcare market cybersecurity needs and how to help prevent cyberattacks and breaches that may cause irreparable brand damage. Fraud is an everchanging landscape and as new solutions come on board, business intelligence regarding fraud tactics will be critical to protect consumer identity data.

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The following four pillars of digital identity show why you should align your strategy to include them. Each pillar brings its own value but with a holistic approach, digital identity is a powerful component of a strong defense strategy.

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