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Looking at Data As an X-ray: What the Picture Really Tells You

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Senior Director, Healthcare Strategy

Just like the practitioners you work with, you need to know more than what’s merely on the surface. Data-driven decision-making requires access to the most timely and relevant details for healthcare organizations and life sciences companies.

LexisNexis® MarketView shows you who your high-value physicians are, where they spend their time, and how much they are reimbursed. And now, MarketView users not only have access to this information — but the new User Interface brings important insights to life, making complex claims insights accessible while providing users the ability to dig deeper.

Massive amounts of data are extremely valuable, but so many details can often seem overwhelming. The MarketView User Interface creates interactive dashboards that visualize our comprehensive de-identified medical claims data so that users can apply these insights more intuitively as they work to develop and enhance their business strategies.


With industry-leading de-identified medical claims-based intelligence from LexisNexis Risk Solutions, MarketView offers the most relevant data designed for user markets. The compelling visual dashboard leverages decades of claims subject matter expertise to illuminate high-value information for users who can apply it when it is needed most.

MarketView leverages a wealth of data — more than two billion de-identified medical claims along with referral patterns and affiliations. The MarketView User Interface displays this key intelligence through dynamic dashboards, bringing unique and applicable data to life.

Data Offering Actionable Insights

Your team can use this innovative technology by:

  1. Analyzing the anatomy of a target healthcare market with global summary-level details.
    The User Interface quickly pinpoints top doctors in the most relevant regions for an organization; users can also assess high-volume organizations and practitioners. It’s easy to sort these entities by specialty, location, and therapeutic area.
  2. Drilling deeper into details about key organizations and practitioners of interest.
    Quickly see rankings using a comprehensive decile ranking system to examine these entities’ activity both at a global-level and through detailed scorecard-level views. By bringing physician practice patterns to life, users can easily evaluate workload and improve network operations.
  3. Identifying symptoms of physician splitting time between facilities.
    Dashboard-level views give access to the tools users need to prevent leakage across health systems and help identify the organizations that perform relevant specialty procedures.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ robust referral network data highlights patient overlap between healthcare practitioners, identifying patterns and potential recruitment targets based on key physician relationships — allowing users to easily navigate the complex web of physician and practitioner connections.

Healthcare organizations and hospital systems want access to high-quality actionable data to help:

  • Gain intelligence about the market as a whole
  • Drive strategic planning for the organization or system
  • Improve marketing and outreach efforts
  • Inform organization expansion strategies
  • Identify ways to keep patients and referrals in-network

Life science organizations use these insights to target physicians with products specific to their patient population/therapeutic areas and leverage robust volumetrics and network information to:

  • Identify key leaders and high-value relationships
  • Effectively segment and allocate messaging tactics and sales resources
  • Strengthen product preference through targeted outreach
  • Identify sales targets and segments to drive product utilization
  • Gain market intelligence to help inform product decisioning

Gain a Competitive Advantage with MarketView

With the challenge of being pressured to do more with less, access to more accurate and recent data ensures organizations are spending their limited time wisely.


The MarketView User Interface offers the clearest and most comprehensive access to de-identified claims information necessary to help drive utilization and expand market share — helping healthcare and life sciences organizations make efficient and informed data decisions.

Now, these institutions can focus their efforts on the right targets — using the right business intelligence.

The dashboard allows users to both look at the big picture and examine it more closely — arming organizations with the relevant time-sensitive intelligence they need to meet their business needs. Transform your business with the new User Interface for LexisNexis Risk Solutions MarketView.

The DNA of Healthcare

At LexisNexis Risk Solutions, our goal is to provide the healthcare industry with insights and innovations to improve outcomes, grow market share, reduce fraud and increase compliance.

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