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Pandemic Response: Trending Insights Amid...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

As COVID-19 and social distancing concerns continue to impact healthcare delivery across the country, telehealth technology has emerged as the number one way to deliver care. Through remote patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment via telecommunication systems, providers deliver vital clinical services to patients – reducing care gaps and preventing exposure to the virus.

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Now is the Time to Integrate Social Determinants...
Written by: Erin Benson, Senior Director, Market Planning

Now is the time for healthcare organizations to incorporate SDOH into their clinical workflows. Doing so can save time, money, and resources; it can increase patient engagement; and, overall, it can improve patient care.

patient care direction
2020 Outlook: Focus on Patient Care Sets Industry...
Written by: Josh Schoeller, Senior Vice President and General Manager

In just a few short weeks, millions of Americans will watch the Times Square ball drop – signaling the end of a decade and the arrival of 2020. In addition to sharing the holiday cheer, we, healthcare technology professions and enthusiasts, always reflect about what lies ahead.

social determinants
Dispelling Myths on Social Determinants
Written by: Erin Benson, Senior Director, Market Planning

What Comes First – Patient Motivation or Care Management? We’ve all heard the expression “which came first—the chicken or the egg?” In healthcare, the question is “which improves health outcomes first – motivated patients who then participate in care management …

Understanding Patient Barriers for Effective Care...
Written by: Erin Benson, Senior Director, Market Planning

Medical care determines only 20% of overall health—while social, economic and environmental factors determine 50% of overall health?* Those numbers are staggering, especially when you take into account that the greatest impact on our health comes from areas that the …

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