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Enlisting Key Stakeholders in Cybersecurity...
Written by: Guest Writer

Healthcare is already lagging behind other industries when it comes to cybersecurity strategy, therefore, shutdowns can result in a debilitating precipice, halting operations, preventing critical access to medical records for emergency treatment and can cause loMT devices to be severely compromised.

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CIOs Struggle with Privacy in New Data Sharing...
Written by: Rich Morino, Senior Director, Health Care Solutions

Most CIOs felt the regulations obligated them to share the data with the third parties, even while they recognized that their identity authentication strategy did not cover verifying the patient’s identity before passing information to the third party requesting the data purportedly on behalf of the patient. Instead, identity authentication by providers has focused on validating patients using their own patient portals.

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2020 Outlook: Focus on Patient Care Sets Industry...
Written by: Josh Schoeller, CEO, Healthcare Markets

In just a few short weeks, millions of Americans will watch the Times Square ball drop – signaling the end of a decade and the arrival of 2020. In addition to sharing the holiday cheer, we, healthcare technology professions and enthusiasts, always reflect about what lies ahead.

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An Inside Job: Cybersecurity Threats from...
Written by: Joe Finazzo, Director of Sales, Provider Markets

The fact that healthcare cybersecurity breaches are on the rise is not new news and the threat within can be just as malicious as outside hackers.

Cybersecurity – Be an Advocate for Change
Written by: Guest Writer

Cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern in the healthcare community.  Much of the focus has been on mitigating risk and deploying the appropriate technology to prevent cyberattacks.  Today, the health care industry faces significant challenges due to federal and …

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