provider directory
“No Surprises Act” Contains New Provider...
Written by: Dan Eikum, Senior Solution Consultant

The new “No Surprises Act” requires health plans to verify and update provider directory information at least every 90 days, which includes both individual providers and facilities. If you don’t have a plan to meet the requirements of the new regulation, it’s a good time to start.

patient access
How Transportable Credentials Contribute to a...
Written by: Jay Sultan, VP, Healthcare Strategy

It’s been a year since COVID-19 upended our world and the healthcare industry. As we return to work and life, having transportable credentials will be important.

women in leadership
Women in Leadership: Theresa Wu Receives HBA...
Written by: Victor Tavernini, Vice President, Product Management and Analytics

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) 2021 Luminary awards recognize 71 women in leadership, each with more than 20 years of professional experience. These distinguished women serve in a critical role within their organization, exhibit great leadership and actively mentor, sponsor and support the advancement of other women in their careers.

healthcare strategies
Four Healthcare Strategies: Drive 2021 Decisions...
Written by: Sean Larson, Senior Director, Healthcare Strategy

The COVID-19 vaccine approvals have given health systems (and payers) a glimmer of hope that the surge of acute patient COVID-19 admissions may be ebbing. As we anticipate a sense of normalcy, the shift for payer organizations will likely be toward planning our 2021 healthcare strategies.

social determinants program
Getting Started with Social Determinants of...
Written by: Emily Mortimer, Director, Market Planning

When organizations are able to analyze data on these patients’ healthcare activities, but also the social determinants that impact their lives outside of the healthcare system, they can really understand the patients’ barriers to care — and take steps to assemble resources that will improve patient outcomes.

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