telehealth technology
Pandemic Response: Trending Insights Amid...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

As COVID-19 and social distancing concerns continue to impact healthcare delivery across the country, telehealth technology has emerged as the number one way to deliver care. Through remote patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment via telecommunication systems, providers deliver vital clinical services to patients – reducing care gaps and preventing exposure to the virus.

healthcare technology
Sometimes, You’re Only As Good as Your Data
Written by: Kevin Dougherty, Senior Director of Healthcare Alliances

Healthcare companies are making big investments into these new platforms, but have these organizations made the same investment into fueling that platform with the best data?

flu season infographic
Flu Season – How Data & Analytics Can Help...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

Each year, annual flu epidemics occur in the U.S. and around the world. Although the timing, intensity and length varies from one season to another, flu represents a significant public health problem that affects millions of Americans and is associated with hospitalizations and deaths in people of all ages.

Post-acute care team
Build Your Dream Team: Understanding the Changing...
Written by: Rick Grape, Director, Market Planning

In today’s world, all providers are trying to do more with less, so it’s critical to gain a clear understanding of post-acute care market trends.

social determinants of health
The Three Challenges with Social Determinants of...
Written by: Guest Writer

Healthcare executives continue to focus on the “Triple Aim” of healthcare: improving patient care experience (including quality and satisfaction); health outcomes and value (results compared to costs).  Every initiative must impact these criteria. For a long time, everyone knew that …

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