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3 Steps to Initiate a Pharmacy Program for SDOH
Written by: Craig Ford, Vice President of Sales, Pharmacy Market

Ever-changing regulations in the healthcare space keep pharmacies constantly on their toes. Staying on top of these trends and gearing pharmacy programs in the right direction can be a big ask. One way for pharmacies to get the insight they need to stay nimble is to have access to non-clinical patient data that helps complete the picture of their patients’ health risks and needs.

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Medication Adherence Programs: Looking at the...
Written by: Craig Ford, Vice President of Sales, Pharmacy Market

Incorporating targeted social determinants of health (SDOH) can uncover opportunities to improve health, patient engagement, and patient retention outcomes that might otherwise be missed. This valuable patient data aids pharmacy industry leaders in identifying opportunities to expand, optimize and innovate.

Beyond Compliance for Payers: A Unique Opportunity
Written by: Jonathan Shannon, Senior Director of Healthcare Strategy

Now is the time for health plans to start to think beyond compliance: How can you use this newly available data to support and improve critical business functions?

3 Critical Ways SDOH Can Transform Life Sciences
Written by: Liz Paulson, Strategic Account Executive

Social determinants of health, combined with clinical data, can transform outcomes for patient engagement, medical research and marketing.

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HIStalk Interviews LexisNexis Risk Solutions...
Written by: Jay Sultan, VP, Healthcare Strategy

Josh Schoeller, CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions Health Care, recently shared industry insights in a candid interview with HIStalk, a healthcare technology industry blog.

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