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November 30, 2018

Every week The Friday Five will bring you interesting news and information from around the insurance industry. This week, we’ve compiled some valuable information on severe weather and events to share with your policyholders to help them prepare for winter.

Avoiding Home Insurance Claims this Holiday Season

This season, while we are all celebrating religious holidays, family gatherings and parties, we’ll also be increasing our chances of filing a home insurance claim. In addition to cooking and decorating, there is increased risk of theft, frozen pipes, and even liability issues resulting from all that extra celebrating. Jayleen Heft has put together 15 ways to avoid home insurance claims during the winter holiday season for PropertyCasualty360.com to help you help your insureds prevent disaster and have a little peace of mind.

Watch Out for Deer on the Roadways

“Over the river and through the woods…” Millions will hit the roads during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But humans aren’t the only ones on the move this time of year. Deer are more active and you’re more likely to see them on the sides of the road, or, more dangerously, dashing across the highway. The good news is that deer accidents are covered by auto insurance, but there are actions that drivers can take to prevent or minimize collisions, including avoiding distracted driving, watching for road signs about deer possibly in the area, and staying alert. Read more on Property Casualty Insurers Association of America’s website.

Get Homes Winter-Ready

In the informative article, Protect your home from winter weather, the Insurance Information Institute lists a few precautions homeowners can take for both the inside and outside of their homes to avoid the expense and inconvenience of winter damage. It’s a good time now to help your home policyholders be well prepared when the cold, harsh weather hits.

Safest Cities for Winter Driving

Excerpted from These 10 US cities are the safest to drive in during wet, snowy weather, by Ashley Williams for AccuWeather: As peak holiday travel season approaches along with a wetter-than-average winter predicted for large swaths of the southern and eastern United States, Allstate found that four of the safest cities in the country for driving in wet weather are located in Texas. The findings were released as part of the insurance company’s 2018 America’s Best Drivers Report, which ranks the country’s largest 200 cities and surrounding metropolitan areas to determine which locations have the safest drivers when factoring in snow and rain.

Climate Change is Changing the Game for Insurance

Excerpted from How climate change is changing your insurance by Gretchen Frazee for PBS News Hour:  As victims of the California wildfires begin to think about rebuilding their homes, advocates and policymakers are warning that natural disasters, made more frequent and destructive because of climate change, could make home insurance unaffordable and force more Americans to rely on government insurance programs that are already strained. A government report released Friday warned those kinds of extreme events are becoming more frequent, intense, and widespread. The signs all point to more obstacles for homeowners living in high risk areas or trying to rebuild following natural disasters like California’s Camp Fire, said Mike Kreidler, the Washington state insurance commissioner and the lead commissioner on climate for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.