In our conversations with adjusters at various carriers, we hear similar themes:

“I’m frustrated when I can’t reach a party to the claim to take a statement or just gather details on a claim. Many times I find myself stuck on a claim because I’m missing critical information.” 

“It would help to know the third-party claimant’s insurance information early to get a subrogation claim moving.” 

The good news is the data you are seeking may be a couple of key strokes away with Accurint® for Insurance, a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions claims data platform.

Accurate and efficient claims resolution depends on having the most comprehensive claims-related information available as soon as possible. However, getting that information can be time consuming and costly. Time spent searching for hard-to-find, but crucial, claims-related data using a variety of unconnected sources is time taken away from other important activities―draining your resources and frustrating your customers. Also, without the right data sources you could be missing critical connections that can yield the deeper insights you need to make the best claims decisions.

Accurint® for Insurance can help you overcome these challenges and improve your claims operations. Our superior search technologies and premium information sources are helping insurers nationwide increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. How? We give you the big picture and the granular detail on individuals and businesses, all on a single platform.

Unparalleled access to all the information you need through one single source

When you investigate a claim, how can you be sure you’re getting all the data you need to make the right decisions? You could be missing a key piece of information that could change the outcome. We offer access to a comprehensive vehicle history database comprised of public and proprietary sources. Our database offers exceptional depth and breadth for driver- and vehicle-related searches.

Our record-related searches can reveal connections among people, businesses, assets and locations that can’t be found in public records, so you can be confident you have the information you need to accurately process a claim. And, we help you process claims around the clock through our 24/7 technical support and training services.

Accurint® for Insurance users also enjoy the benefits of accessing content from other LexisNexis products. Take advantage of critical searches including:

  • Accurint® for Insurance – Phone Finder, which combines extensive phone metadata with a vast repository of identity information to rapidly deliver relevant, rank-ordered connections between phones and identities.
  • Carrier Discovery™, a non-FCRA contributory database that provides policy data on private passenger auto policies, including identifying third-party and personal protection coverage. Carrier Discovery also uncovers instances of duplicate coverage.
  • Vehicle Location History, which uses license plate recognition technology to deliver additional insights based on billions of vehicle sightings.
  • Plate to VIN Search, which gives you fast access to vehicle information based solely on a license plate number.

You can use Accurint® for Insurance to quickly and easily:

  • Validate and verify customer-provided information
  • Detect, investigate and prevent fraud
  • Subrogate for collection and recovery

What sets us apart from the competition?

We offer advanced analytics for improved identity verification, linking and risk decision-making, along with proprietary content and technology advances specifically designed for the claims market. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your critical customer workflows and are backed by decades of deep industry knowledge and experience.

Don’t waste time, energy and money trying to cobble together a clear picture of a claim and claimant based on unproductive searches across a series of portals and sources. Instead, take advantage of an expansive dataset, made available to you from the convenience of a single platform. Accurint® for Insurance can make your investigations and claims processes efficient and cost-effective, while empowering you to move to claim resolution as quickly and accurately as possible.

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