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Our LexisNexis Risk Solutions survey* of 1,500 UK drivers has uncovered how far some are willing to stretch the truth to obtain a cheaper insurance quote or to get an insurance claim settled. The survey demonstrated both the scale of dissatisfaction amongst drivers about the cost of motor insurance premiums and a lack of understanding of the risk of providing false information.

In some cases, deliberately providing inaccurate information could result in insurance cover being cancelled, or a claim not being paid, which may harm a driver’s ability to secure insurance cover in the future.

For example, 40% of drivers believe it’s acceptable to use the same no claims discount/bonus on multiple vehicles. Another 17% say they would be willing to change information regarding their occupation, or age, in a car insurance application to lower the cost of the premium: 35% of the 18-34 age group are most likely to try this tactic.

We believe greater availability of driver data, named driver and other ID data, policy history and other verified information at the point of quote offers an opportunity to improve trust and improve the insurance relationship. The detailed findings are shown in our infographic.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions surveyed 1,500 UK drivers on their attitudes to telling the truth in insurance applications and claims.

*LexisNexis Risk Solutions commissioned a survey of 1,500 UK consumers with equal or sole responsibility for insuring the vehicle they drive most often. LexisNexis Risk Solutions was not identified as the sponsor of this research, which was completed during January 2018.

Follow these links for information on the NCD Module for LexisNexis® Policy History Motor, or the LexisNexis Risk Solutions website for UK insurance to find out more about how we support insurers.

  1. The categories of employment and company type are too narrow and do not reflect risk correctly. For example my wife worked as admin for a supplier and installer of artificial grass. [There was] no classification so she had to select Groundworks, which has a higher risk associated with it. She sits in an office has a two-mile journey to work.

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