LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has been ranked as a Leader in the new Forrester Wave™: Risk-Based Authentication, Q2 2020 report. According to Forrester, “Compared with other solutions evaluated in this Forrester Wave, LexisNexis Risk Solutions is more functional, easier, more intuitive, and simpler.” We believe this designation reflects our continued commitment and success in helping customers gain a 360-degree view of risk, including how to detect and prevent fraud via our innovative LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® solution.

Report recognition

The Forrester Wave report examined 33 discrete sets of criteria for its evaluation, which includes the seven most significant risk based authentication (RBA) providers. The Forrester report shows how “each provider measures up and helps security and risk professionals select the right one for their needs.” 

Digital transactions are more prevalent than ever in today’s current state of world affairs. This makes RBA stand out as a top concern for businesses looking to improve fraud prevention. LexisNexis Risk Solutions received the highest score possible for the following Forrester report criteria:

  • Execution Roadmap – We continue to respond to the changing fraud landscape and attack vectors with a broad product portfolio and solutions to help businesses mitigate fraud.  
  • Rule Management – We have made it a priority for our customers to have flexibility in configuration of rules within the policies based on their business logic.
  • Statistical Decisioning – We enable customers to create machine learning polices by themselves.
  • Scale of Devices – We have a large data network that continues to grow enabling customers to gain insights to effectively prevent fraud.
  • Biometrics Plans – We added behavioral biometrics to our capabilities so that our customers have an additional risk signal to improve identification of fraudulent behavior or automated bots.
  • Professional Services – We support our customers fully, from custom implementations and optimizations to post go-live education and ongoing support.

Identifying fraud

Fraud continues to be a multi-billion dollar, industry-wide problem. At LexisNexis Risk Solutions, our goal is to empower insurance carriers to more efficiently identify and investigate potentially fraudulent claims and questionable provider behavior. Through our ThreatMetrix® solution, we leverage billions of public records and cross-industry data to pinpoint potential fraud earlier. Our model connects the dots between offline behavior and myriad pieces of information individuals reveal in online transactions, tying them to a unique digital identifier.

ThreatMetrix can help you:

  • Protect against identity theft while creating a frictionless customer experience
  • Confidently detect key situations that put user accounts at risk
  • Identify and authenticate channel agnostic devices and prevent fraud in near real-time
  • Discover bot attacks, malware and account takeover attempts by building more accurate, yet simpler, risk models. 

We have a vision that keeps us focused on future innovation, and we have products that keep us rooted in the solutions that help sustain our customers’ business. Visit our website to learn more about how ThreatMetrix can help you protect your customers and your business.

To download the Forrester Wave™: Risk-Based Authentication, Q2 2020 Summary Report, click here.