Our recent auto insurance consumer research shows that policyholders want engagement with their carriers that extends well beyond an automatic renewal notice. That’s great news! But it’s not a green light for carriers to inundate policyholders with irrelevant contact or content. Your customers want to engage with you, but they want that engagement to be on their terms.

What does that mean?

Across the board, policyholders’ number one preference is for email, but quite a few baby boomers would welcome a phone call too and almost as many millennials are open to contact through a mobile app. Timely outreach is key – if you happen to know when policyholders are actively shopping, the majority of respondents are okay with you reaching out within one to five days after they’ve received a competitor’s quote. However, they don’t want to be pestered. One post-quote outreach is enough for most policyholders.

For carriers who’ve been reluctant to touch base with policyholders outside of renewal time (and we suspect there are many), the message is―don’t be. But make sure you understand your target audience’s preferences first, then tailor your outreach to match those preferences.

What do your policyholders want to talk about when you reach out to them? Find out in our whitepaper, The Outreach Blueprint.