Connected Car Brings Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Opportunities and Challenges for Automakers and Insurers

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As conversations around consumer use of connected and autonomous car data increases, more and more players are coming out with innovative insurance solutions, adding further complexity to an already complicated ecosystem. In a previous post on this b...

The Fragmented Journey of Connected Cars into Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

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Few, if any, drivers today think of their cars as moving platforms for software, apps, and connecting and transmitting data to other devices. However, some recent reports highlight how digitalization and connected cars have started taking the auto i...

100 Months of Telematics

Written by: Trevor Lloyd-Jones, Content Manager, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

The great thinkers understand that where we come from affects where we go! It's with this in mind that we decided to take a look back to the early days of telematics technology and usage-based insurance. As we've just celebrated 100 months with P...
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