Beyond Compliance for Payers: A Unique Opportunity
Written by: Jonathan Shannon, Senior Director of Healthcare Strategy

Now is the time for health plans to start to think beyond compliance: How can you use this newly available data to support and improve critical business functions?

patient matching
Patient Matching Isn’t Just a “Nice to...
Written by: Courtney Timmons, Director, Marketing Strategy

Managing patient information across care settings and platforms for core business functions, interoperability, and patient safety requires coordination and collaboration. Especially with new interoperability mandates going into effect on July 1, there are a lot of questions about what this means.

high quality data
Our Commitment: High-Quality Data to Meet Your...
Written by: Lianne Eberle, Senior Director Healthcare Strategy, Provider Data

As the Payer market continues to evolve and the complexities continue to grow, so does the demand for higher quality data around providers at locations and accurate credentials. Despite these market dynamics, most of the state and federal source data that payers require to stay compliant with legislation remains stagnant, with quality levels that cause more challenges for the industry.

cyber attacks
Healthcare CISOs on Dealing with Cyber Attacks
Written by: Courtney Timmons, Director, Marketing Strategy

We’re seeing more and more data breaches of large-scale corporate and government organizations in the news daily. Cyber attacks on healthcare systems increased in 2020, and the healthcare sector is expected to fall under even greater pressure from cyber criminals in 2021.

mental health
New Report Verifies Dramatic Increase in Mental...
Written by: Sean Larson, Senior Director, Healthcare Strategy

May is Mental Health Month, which is dedicated to educating the public on how to support those struggling with mental health issues and increasing awareness on the state of behavioral healthcare services.

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