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Cybersecurity Now: Protection during the Pandemic
Written by: Erin Benson, Senior Director, Market Planning

The levels of technological sophistication run the gamut in the healthcare industry, and in a pre-COVID-19 world, providers set their own pace. Today, we’re seeing a massive acceleration in technology adoption that’s brought about a significant change in the way healthcare is delivered. As caregivers on the front lines race to provide clinical care, health IT professionals rush behind the scenes to provide the digital tools necessary for secure healthcare provision in a changed environment.

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Critical Insights to Improve Health Outcomes in...
Written by: Jeffrey Diamond, VP of Sales, Market Planning & Operations

As the country continues to realize the impacts of COVID-19, the healthcare industry’s unwavering commitment to improve health outcomes for patients is one of a few remaining constants. As the demand for equipment, personnel and space to sustain the increased volume of patients who require COVID care and treatment surges, so does the need for data driven insights to help make decisions and formulate response and care strategies.

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Enlisting Key Stakeholders in Cybersecurity...
Written by: Guest Writer

Healthcare is already lagging behind other industries when it comes to cybersecurity strategy, therefore, shutdowns can result in a debilitating precipice, halting operations, preventing critical access to medical records for emergency treatment and can cause loMT devices to be severely compromised.

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An Inside Job: Cybersecurity Threats from...
Written by: Joe Finazzo, Director of Sales, Provider Markets

The fact that healthcare cybersecurity breaches are on the rise is not new news and the threat within can be just as malicious as outside hackers.

Perception is Not Reality When It Comes to...
Written by: Erin Benson, Senior Director, Market Planning

There’s no shortage of statistics on the frequency and cost of cybersecurity attacks in healthcare. So why isn’t everyone up in arms or feeling more of a sense of urgency as hackers get more sophisticated with their methods? Healthcare providers …

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