At LexisNexis Risk Solutions we welcome the UK government’s Future of Mobility Urban Strategy. This report sets out nine key principles and the approach to working with innovators, companies, local authorities and other stakeholders to harness the developing benefits of new urban mobility technologies including driverless vehicles.

The UK government has stated that advances in data protection and use are already improving the way that transport services are devised, planned and delivered. Its ninth principle also states that going forward, sharing data from new mobility services—where appropriate—will improve choice and the operation of the transport system.

This principle of a network of networks will not only require collaboration, trust and consumer education. It will also put demands on mobility providers to find a way to share their data in a meaningful way, and in a fully compliant manner.

Insights from data can help create safer roads and support consumer choice, just look at what telematics has done to cut road risk in young drivers. However, data from a wide variety of sources is going to need filtering and normalizing to create a common understanding of mobility use, to ensure these services benefit the consumer.

Our focus right now is enabling insurance providers and automakers to share data through a common platform to promote a greater understanding of risk.  We see this as the starting point for the development of semi-autonomous and ultimately fully-autonomous vehicles.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a unit of RELX Group, is a global data technology and advanced analytics leader, with customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

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