I recently shared with CEO Today magazine why, if you have a purpose, and it is shared by your workforce, you have success. The article, Culture is the Key to Success, is excerpted below.


Building a culture of shared purpose

Leadership is not about ordering everyone around, or intimidating people into working hard. It is about service, sacrifice, humility, taking care of people and helping them to realize their full potential. In that culture, people thrive. Workforces thrive. And a thriving workforce makes for a thriving business. I strongly believe that transparency and openness with employees is vital. We don’t have a hidden agenda, a mission statement or even a vision. We simply have a purpose, which acts as our guiding light.

I focus my time on creating and nurturing that purpose, our common cause, across our business. Our purpose at LexisNexis Risk Solutions is this: we are innovators, passionate about challenging the status quo and improving outcomes. By harnessing our deep insurance knowledge, breakthrough technologies, rich data and powerful analytics through a single interface to our marketplace platform and access to all solutions, we deliver actionable insights that enable our customers to make more accurate decisions and strengthen their customer relationships.

Every so often I begin to feel that everyone around me must be getting bored of me preaching to them about our shared purpose. But then someone will seek me out to tell me that now they really get it: they got their lightning bolt realization moment just like I did. And of course, I also have to keep in mind that we’re constantly hiring a lot of new people, so even if I’ve said the same thing a million times, some people are hearing it for the first time.

We’re not afraid to bring to the market solutions that require our customers to think differently. It makes our job more challenging – few of us like change after all. But those that do think differently put themselves in a much better position within the markets that they’re serving. We’re constantly looking for improvement – for our business, our employees and for our customers and our customers’ customers.

Nurturing the right business culture is the key to building a business prepared to win in the future. Purpose-driven, people-focused leadership drives performance and profitability. We must put the customer at the center of everything we do. We listen. We learn. We grow together. We succeed together.