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June 18, 2020

Guest blog by Chris Casaleggio, Insurance Forensics Expert at H2M Associates

Help is on the way for claims professionals around the globe as a new book called “Adjusting” to a Career in Property & Casualty Claims hit the virtual shelves this past week on Amazon.

“There are many good books for claim adjusters on the market, but I wanted to take it a step further to help the adjuster’s mindset,” said the author Chris Casaleggio. “An adjuster may be inundated with assignments but there are also different ways to look at that. Especially during the times we currently face in 2020, this industry has proven to be extremely stable and ripe with opportunities. It is well-equipped for the future work-from-home climate we may find ourselves in.”

Casaleggio spent time as a casualty claims adjuster with a few of the larger P&C insurance carriers where he learned many lessons over his career. He is currently employed in an insurance consulting role interacting with various carriers throughout his day. He has also been published in many thought leadership periodicals of the insurance claims industry. 

In his book, Casaleggio also offers his “9 Keys to Claims Victory” which break down some of the best practices to follow when handling claim files. In addition, he touches on positive affirmations and new ways of thinking for the adjuster who may be experiencing burnout or in need of a change in perspective.

The epilogue is written by guest author Patrick Kelahan, also known as The Insurance Elephant, as he sums up what it means to be a good adjuster.  

With a large percentage of the workforce nearing retirement and the infusion of evolving technology, there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon in the claims world. This new book is the first step in taking that journey.

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Kindle $5.99 “Adjusting” to a Career in P&C Claims

Paperback $10.99 “Adjusting” to a Career in P&C Claims