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Commercial Property
Leverage Multiple Data Sources to Get a True Risk Profile of a Small or Micro Business

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, its effect on small businesses lingers. Many small businesses closed their doors, while others...

Uncover Prior Home Insurance Cancelation Reasons for an Accurate Risk Profile

Homeowners cancel insurance policies for myriad reasons, including selling their homes or shopping their coverage with a different carrier. In...

LexID as a unique consumer identifier
Data Analytics
4 Things Insurers Should Know About LexID®

The amount of customer data collected by companies in every industry, including insurance, is growing at an ever-faster rate. But are you as an...

Getting the Quote Right with Current Carrier Property

Dwelling coverage, or Coverage A, is arguably the most important feature of homeowners insurance. If a policy does not include enough coverage to...

The Friday Five: LexisNexis Insurance Demand Meter, COVID-19 Liability Claims

The Friday Five brings you interesting news and information from around the insurance industry. This week: new LexisNexis Insurance Demand Meter,...