The DNA of Healthcare

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President and General Manager, Health Care

As we close out 2021, it’s the ideal time to reflect on not only what was achieved during the previous 12 months, but to plan for what’s next and consider the many opportunities that lie ahead in 2022.

I recently asked our team to share the resolutions and goals they plan to drive forward in 2022. I believe that vocalizing our resolutions, and actively talking about them, makes them more ‘real’ and further motivates us to accomplish and stick to them. So, that is exactly what we’re doing here.

As you read what many of my colleagues shared, I think you’ll see that our company mission of enabling the U.S. healthcare system to operate more efficiently and to create healthier communities, is clearly reflected. I am confident that our team will achieve our goals and will look back this time next year and will be proud of the resolutions that we put into practice.

Jay Sultan, Vice President, Healthcare Strategy

resolutions jay sultan

I resolve to accelerate integrating our breadth and depth of data into our customers’ workflows, enabling them to have even more seamless experiences, optimize their strategic decision making, and maximize the value they derive from our industry-leading analytics.

Emily Mortimer, Senior Director Healthcare Strategy

resolutions emily mortimer

I resolve to focus more time and energy on partnerships that address health equity in the U.S., by leveraging our social determinants of health and other unique data assets to drive even bigger initiatives.

Jonathan Shannon, Senior Director Healthcare Strategy, Interoperability

resolutions jonathan shannon

I resolve to advance healthcare interoperability by facilitating the frictionless exchange of data to patients and their caregivers to empower individuals and improve health outcomes.

Derek Baehre, Vice President of Sales, Payer

resolutions derek baehre

I resolve to always appreciate and never underestimate the value of the time you get to spend in person with clients and prospects.

Anja Maciagiewicz, Manager of Healthcare Strategy, MarketView™

resolutions anja maciagiewicz

I resolve to ensure we are providing our customers with the most comprehensive, complete, and accurate claims datasets and insights, allowing them to make informed decisions which ultimately impacts consumer healthcare.

Monica Simmonds, Director, Advisory Services SDOH

resolutions monica simmonds

I resolve to empower clients to leverage meaningful socioeconomic data to support successful expansions of invaluable SDOH programs for our complex populations and communities with the greatest needs. I further resolve to help clients in their journeys to provide data-driven health equity initiatives through innovative and equitable partnerships.

Todd Garlitz, Senior Director, Marketing

resolutions todd garlitz

I resolve to deliver impactful research, insights, and forward-thinking thought leadership to help our customers navigate the challenges impacting their operations and find solutions to grow their business.

Courtney Timmons, Director Healthcare Strategy, Identity

resolutions courtney timmons

In 2022, I resolve to reach customers where they are by creating and expanding industry-leading partnerships that further integrate our identity resolution solutions into customers’ workflows and support their efforts in balancing patient matching and data security.

Craig L. Ford, Vice President of Sales, Pharmacy and Enterprise Strategic Markets

resolutions craig ford

I resolve to work with our pharmacy partners to determine optimal social determinants of health (SDOH) success measures to improve patient engagement, to deliver stronger-healthier outcomes, and to optimize medication safety.

Liz Paulson, Senior Director of Sales, Life Sciences

healthcare resolutions

I resolve to deliver unparalleled identity data into the life science industry that will enable our customers to harness greater insight from their data to provide  better outcomes.

And as for my healthcare-focused resolutions? I have two.

The first is to enable access to best-in-class real world data (RWD) that is both harmonized and patient-centric which advances health equity and improves outcomes, all while maintaining data privacy. The second is to continue to delight our customers and partners by aligning the entire business to their success and the successful health outcomes of their patients and members.

Keep us honest and, as you see us at industry events, and connect with us over phone calls and in-person meetings, see how we’re tracking on making our resolutions come to life. 

The DNA of Healthcare

At LexisNexis Risk Solutions, our goal is to provide the healthcare industry with insights and innovations to improve outcomes, grow market share, reduce fraud and increase compliance.

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